The Dublin High Varsity Girls Lacrosse program began the season with the largest amount of students to ever try out in Alyssa Cook’s three years as the head coach. Both Coach Cook and the Junior Varsity Head Coach Emily Hurd were amazed to see how many young ladies were interested in the sport and were willing to try something new. After tough decisions were made and rosters were set, the team jumped right into the season with endless amounts of enthusiasm.


Due to construction constraints and overlap with Winter sports, the Gaels approached their first game against Foothill with limited time practicing on a lined field. Looking at them during this first game you would never know. The JV team kicked us off with a great start and took to the field like a team who has played together for a while. Their enthusiasm inspired our Varsity girls to continue the battle on the field, and both teams fought valiantly in defeat.


The fierceness that the team demonstrated in this first game was something that they continued to demonstrate in our next two games. Our JV ladies took the field against Livermore and demonstrated how they have come together as a team and secured their first win as a team. Varsity took that contagious energy into their game and it was a good battle. They had a stumbling point in the first half with a couple of injuries but they fought back and closed the gap in the second half. Sadly time ran out before they could overcome their deficit completely.

The last game of the season (which they did not know at the time) was against Northgate. The JV engaged in a fierce battle, and it was a back and forth for the lead during the entire game. Unfortunately, we could not hold the lead at the very end. This battle clearly demonstrated how far these girls had come from the beginning of the year. Many of them had never played before or it was only their second year. It is truly amazing to see them leave it all on the field for their team. Varsity also played incredibly even though we were plagued by injuries with four players out who were starters.


Overall, even though the season was cut short, the girls in the program came together as a family and continue to support one another during this time. One thing that our staff has heard consistently from other coaches and even the referees is that our ladies always demonstrate respect and kindness for each other and everyone on the team. Coach Cook and Coach Hurd could not be prouder and they know that each and every one of them will succeed in whatever they set their mind to as they truly believe that each of my athletes demonstrate what it truly means to be a Gael and represent DHS with pride.

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