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Scorevision FanApp

Special Report by Dublin Shield and GaelsTV Repoter Pratham Dalal

For weeks, Dublin Athletics has been back participating in regular-season competitions. Yet due to COVID – 19 restrictions, fans have been limited at both home and away games. To allow students to catch glimpses of their fellow Gaels, Dublin has been using Gaels TV — an entity run by the Dublin High School Video Production Department. 


Every week during the football regular season, Gaels TV travels with the JV and Varsity Football team to bring the action to fans’ live — filled with commentating and sideline reporting. The games are broadcasted in their entirety and remain on the Dublin Video Production Youtube Channel. 


The Gaels are excited to launch yet another partnership to bring even more athletics coverage to the fans with Score Vision. They record the highlights from the games in real-time – showing touchdowns, big plays, and critical defensive stops for those who may be away during the live stream or simply want to catch the critical plays, 


Those interested should search “Score Vision Fan App” on their phone app store. Once in the app, search Dublin High School under the Find Teams search bar. Select the game to view and highlights should pop up in live time. 


For those who want to catch the entire game, Gaels TV will still be an option. With the announcement of indoor sports returning after Spring Break, Gaels TV is going to broadcast all other games using newly acquired HUDL cameras. The cameras are going to be unmanned and are mounted on top of the Stadium and Sports Complex to capture as much of the field as possible to bring back much action to the fans. 


“Both technologies keep our fans of all ages close to the action literally anywhere in the world,” said Dublin High School Athletic Director Tim Sbranti. He continues the Cameras can help “raise the profile of our student-athletes and teams” 


Stay tuned for more information regarding these technologies.

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