DHS Esports Team Earns Playoff Berth in Inaugural Season

Our DHS Gaels are done with the inaugural season of the officially sanctioned CIF Esports team! Over 2 dozen students participated in tryouts for the 5 starting roster spots, which were narrowed down to starters and a few rotating substitutes. In the end, every grade level was represented, including a student from Valley High School.

For those unfamiliar with League of Legends, it is a 5v5 team game that requires you to take the other team’s base out (destroy the Nexus). Positions are much like baseball: Top Lane is the Outfield, where players have a specialty fielding role and are away from most of the action; Jungle, much like Short Stop, is situationally flexible in how they operate; Mid Lane is your Infield, where most of the game takes place, and Bot Lane is for the Bot & Support player, very much like the Pitcher and Catcher tandem in how the two play around each other.

Our Gael Esports Club did pretty well in the regular season, a weekly Best-of-3 Match, taking games in just about every match with a 10-8 game win record, and slotting our Gaels slotted into the playoff bracket as the 16th seed in the R64. Dublin won its playoff opener this year before falling in the 2nd round by inches in 2-1 loss to Mira Mesa HS, who in their very next match lost to the perennial and then eventual champions Sunny Hill Lancers. Despite being in the harder bracket draw, Dublin was competitive in every match we played.

The good news is that next season there will be several returning students to continue our pursuit of Esports excellence here at DHS!

Shout out to our student athletes who contributed to this inaugural season!

Axton Barican – Team Captain

Ethan Chen

Chris Chung

Davian Nguyen

Alice Ganbaatar

Martin Sabangan

Sean Lee

Aidan Yu

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