Dublin High Athletes Earn All-EBAL Honors


Now that the spring sports season has officially concluded at Dublin High School, the Athletic Department wishes to officially recognize all student-athletes who have earned All-East Bay Athletic League (EBAL) honors for their efforts this spring:


Badminton: Caitlyn Kraft, Ria Kanwar


Baseball: Jackson Schofield (1st Team), TJ Costello (2nd Team), Carston Pearson (2nd Team), Brendan Moddelmog (Honorable Mention)


Boys Lacrosse: Ben Gilmour (Honorable Mention), Tyler Green (Honorable Mention), Alex Magnuson (Honorable Mention), Ryan Kurotori (Honorable Mention)


Boys Tennis: Karthikeya Gannavarapu


Boys Volleyball: Ashton Florentin (2nd Team), Kevin Zhu (2nd Team), Kavi Chopra (Honorable Mention)


Girls Lacrosse: Julia Ravazza (2nd Team), Morgan Overton (Honorable Mention), Gisele Cepeda (Honorable Mention), Hailey Guinto (Honorable Mention)


Softball: Tanaya Barrett (2nd Team), Kelly Maggioa (Honorable Mention), Carrie Maggiora (Honorable Mention), Sarah Bull (Honorable Mention)


Stunt Cheer: Cadence Ruiz (2nd Team), Emma Zatkulak (2nd Team)


Swimming: Kaitlin Lee, Max Cory


Track and Field: Jathiyah Muhammad (1st Team), Brandon Burns (1st Team), Alexander Franco (1st Team), Takehiro Masubuchi (1st Team), Manogya Yara (1st Team), Sebastian Guinter (1st Team), Anish Kasam (1st Team), Khaliq Muhammad (1st Team), Aiza Sarwar (1st Team), Leila Champion (2nd Team), Tyler Trinh (2nd Team), Michelle Chen (2nd Team), Daniel Trampe (2nd Team), Dylan Sheppard (Honorable Mention), Victoria Bradley (Honorable Mention), Matthew Morgon (Honorable Mention), Adam Osmani (Honorable Mention)